Day 3: I’m passionate about…

image…Colors, the colors of the world, in each new trip, winter or summer, even in the darkest day colors would be everywhere…. Me apasiona el color, de la sonrisa, de cada sello en mi pasaporte, la gama de azules en el cielo…. The colors of my niece psychedelic choice of clothes, and the colorful palet she would be having on her dream waiting for her first spring to arrive… I’m passionate about colors, as abstract as it sound, God gave me millions of it to paint my own garden everyday…. Me apasiona la gente, el arte, las cosas que puedo capturar con mi lente, los lenguajes, la vida y todo lo que ella significa…. I’m passionate about colors, even black which is nothing but the sum up of all existing one, and the white that is the abstraction of all… Me apasiona el color, y pongo siempre color a mi vida… #ReigniteCreativity15 #RC15 #onephotoadaychallenge #MandalaByMe #MyPaints #mandalas #selfdiscovery #selfexploration


About Mirogu

A total wannabe: chef wannabe, poet/writer wannabe, mom wannabe, successful woman wanna be. Soy todo y soy nada, creo en Dios, en mi y en mis circunstancias. I still believe in love and serendipity, quiero tener una historia que contarle a mis nietos. Believer.Dreamer.Yo.Bilingüe.Mujer; Me.Myself & Milena.
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