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Y son solo momentos, nothing permanent Nada concreto El primer cruce de miradas A few jokes Un beso Promises that you know are gonna be broken Y la ilusion inevitable que se produce entonces Moments Pareciera que la vida solo … Continue reading

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Sin saberlo…..You know….

Sin saberlo lo sabes Sin saberlo lo sientes Sin saberlo lo vives Sin saberlo lo sueñas Sin saberlo lo deseas Sin saberlo…. But then you know…. And knowing you forget… And knowing you forgive… And knowing you redeem …. And … Continue reading

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La felicidad…..and those days when you feel it all the time!

  If you want to be happy, se feliz If you want to feel joy, huele las flores If you want to smile, sacate la lengua en el espejo La felicidad es tan sencilla that if you want to be … Continue reading

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I think I have forgotten about you….

    Y me asusta saber que te he olvidado…. Or maybe is just that your absence contributes to the idea of my solitude… Que recuerde no fue un trato… But we never said we were going to let it … Continue reading

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