One year y casi siete meses….

I woke up thinking about it. Es cierto, yo y mis ideas absurdamente romanticas.

But when you look around and see that nothing has changed, que tus sueños siguen siendo los mismos sueños, but now you are not willing to wait for them to be true….

You can’t help but think: ya pasó un año and almost seven months and I still don’t know:

*How you smell

*En que lado de la cama duermes

*Whether you talk a lot or not during the movies

*Si tu risa es de esas contagiosas

*If you wear shoes that matches your outfit

*Cuantas veces te levantas en medio de la noche

*If you are the kind of guy that would tell me I look fat in that dress

*Cuales son tus ritos antes de acostarte

*What is the first thing you do when you wake up

*Si haces ruido al comer

*If you will put out my chair in a restaurant

*Si eres tan psicorígido como yo al hacer el grocery shopping

*If deep inside you pray sometimes

*Como lucirias de corbata

*How would it feel to kiss you

*Si eres de los que disfruta un abrazo

*If you talk in your sleep

*A que saben esos jugos verdes que tanto disfrutas

Pero luego cierro los ojos, and listen to my heart and my pathetic idea of romance.

Y entiendo, entiendo lo que es un sentimiento puro y verdadero. I understand that I am having my book written y que algun dia podre contarle a mis nietos, our crazy, stupid, love story. Por si se, and I know for sure now:

*That you would like us to go to bed every day at 10:00 p.m

* Y por lo tanto despertarnos todos los dias a las 5:00 a.m

* Cross-fit and running is your stress reliever and your way of scape from the world

* Que te gusta el cafe negro y sobre todo despues de correr

*That you still read the newspaper every morning

*Que quisieras poder bailar el “waltz” conmigo, y que en tu vida pasada fuiste Billy Elliot

*That you are like me a wanna-be parent

* Y que por alguna extraña razón le tienes miedo a la felicidad

* And the idea of meet me

*That you are only a Midwest guy trying to reach for the stars

*Que amas lo que haces, y eres feliz con cada dia de tu vida

*That you are not afraid to cry

*Y que no te gusta decir lo que sientes

*And even if you walk away everytime you are closer to me, you are always there for me

*Que tienes la paciencia de un santo

*And you see me for who I am not matter how difficult that might be

*Que sigues peleando con tus demonios

*That you love me, and you said it once and it got stuck in me for ever

Han pasado ya casi dos años and we are still two strangers with the same dreams, con los mismos deseos, fighting the world to be happy, y descubriendo la manera de no decaernos. And at the same time we are the most stupid two stranger in the world, que se han dado cuenta de lo mucho que se quieren, how much the miss each other, cuanto desean la idea del amor eterno, and yet we only dream and dream and dream but never make any effort to jump into each other reality. We are just a couple of strangers, que viven de la idea de algun dia poder verse. Happy Monday Case, here with love, your silly girl.


About Mirogu

A total wannabe: chef wannabe, poet/writer wannabe, mom wannabe, successful woman wanna be. Soy todo y soy nada, creo en Dios, en mi y en mis circunstancias. I still believe in love and serendipity, quiero tener una historia que contarle a mis nietos. Believer.Dreamer.Yo.Bilingüe.Mujer; Me.Myself & Milena.
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